• Three Faces
  • Three Faces

Three Faces

$ 85.00

This Lazy Susan is a unique piece of art that can be used as an eye catching centerpiece or for entertaining your friends and family.  This piece started off as an experiment of a wing pour of acrylic paints but as you can see,  it does not look like wings at all. My son and I collaborated on this one and poured the middle section first and then filled in the negative space with black and white mica and plum.  It wasn't until we spun the lazy susan around that we both saw three faces in the paint.  Can you see them?  Hint:  One is in black, one in white and the other in gold.

To clean, wipe off with mild dish soap and a soft cloth.  Do not place items directly from the oven or stove on surface. When in doubt, use a hotplate. 

15 inch Bamboo.