Painting Classes



stART with Candy

This course is carried out over two evenings, and consists of two sessions of four hours of painting. The technique will be taught by making art on tins using a special paint from France called Pebeo.  

One does not need to be an artist or have any artistic background in order to attend.

On day one, the first two hours of class, are dedicated to learning how each paint interacts with the other and how their interaction can be explored to obtain mesmerizing results. We then proceed to painting three different projects. 

Due to the time required for curing, session two takes place a few days later.

On day two, we commence our class by selecting items to adorn our painted tins (optional for those who like added adornments). We then proceed to covering the painted tins with a topcoat of Art Resin, which grants it a final touch in addition to protecting the art.

Your final masterpiece can be collected after 2 days curing time.

With All materials included:

3 tins of your choice, use of a variety of paints, resin, a wide selection of adornments,

and the FUN and LAUGHS are Free!