Whats in the Tin

“What is in the tin?”

At Two Hearts by Candy, it's less about what is put in the tin and more about creating a tin that speaks directly to the individuality of the customer and their desire to have something unique and beautiful. Thus, what is on top of the tin – now that is where the passion lies!

Fascinated by the different ways Pebeo paint interact, I create these tins by diving into a world of artistic expression, adding a pint of love, taking artistic risks in color choices and designs, sharing and exploring these limits with the fellowship of  community while focusing on the uniqueness of each finished product. I only use the best products on my tins and by far my favorite and go to resin is Art Resin. 

Following all that enjoyment, I am faced with the choice of  “TO emBEllish OR NOT TO emBEllish”. Some tins are then adorned with up-cycled jewelry, decals, photos and family heirlooms giving them that final touch of specialness while others are left alone in their glory.

These tins are all one of a kind. They each have a story and a recipe of their own. Yet, should you wish to create a collection of three or more tins, we can easily put one together to suit your imagination.

So, what is in the tin? That is for you to decide – But what is outside – well that is just a little piece of our heaven and yours!

"Hand painted storage for your personal treasures"