About the Artist

Candace Dawson 
Owner/Artist (Co-Author, Therapist, over analyzer)
My story is one of courage, determination, creativity and giving. I am a wife, mother and a two time breast cancer survivor. During my recovery, I started designing jewelry as a way to keep my mind and hands busy.  I went from designing jewelry to painting jewelry which quickly snowballed into tin painting and experimenting with Fluid Art. I have been totally captivated by the endless possibilities that Fluid Art offers. I also love the special effects of the specialty oil paints I use.  I had to see for myself the magic that could be created and I was convinced I needed MORE; more colors, more techniques, more products to paint.
Sharing my art with friends and family is what fills my soul.  It is during these intimate moments together discussing and sharing life experiences when my heart wants to explode with gratitude. Painting has become a spiritual journey of artistry, friendship, laughter, growth and healing.
Julie Bruski
Artist  (Ambassador to Switzerland, Queen of Denial, enabler)
I can remember when my friend and neighbor Candy called me and said that I had to come over and play with these COOL NEW paints. This was the first time she had used Pebeo paints with her jewelry making.  And that's how it started. Since then we have been experimenting...with new techniques and mediums. We never know the outcome, but love the process.  How great is it that we get to call specialty painting work.
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"Art is the voice of the heart"