Upcycled Treasure Boxes

Upcycled Treasure Boxes

Did you know that many of your local tobacco stores discard their used beautiful wooden cigar boxes while others either sell them to the general public at a very low price or give them away on a first come first serve basis?

I was not aware of this until a local business approached me to paint a dozen cigar boxes as gifts for their top customers. Building on this idea and loving a larger canvas to work upon I started visiting my local tobacco stores to see what they did with their discarded cigar boxes. The boxes I carry come in all different shapes, colors, sizes and condition.  Some are in pristine condition while others have some scrapes and knicks.

If you are looking for a box as a gift for a special occasion please let me know so that we can work together to customize the box. They have been used as gifts for weddings, Christmas gifts, Bar Mitzvah Presents, treasure boxes, gratitude boxes, prayer boxes, watch boxes, jewelry boxes, collectibles, trading cards, cell phone and key catch all to just name a few.


Bar Mitzvah gift for a Chicago sports lover !  


  High School Graduate Gift off to ASU!

This is none other than Instagram's  Rosie from the block   !
Rosie is showing off her very own hand painted box with a special photo of her. She can store some of her favorite toys and treasures in one special place!