Round Tins

Round Tins

Our tins are an excellent option for storage in addition to being beautiful. They are secure  with slip on tops which protect their contents from light and moisture. These tins are ideal for storing and organizing small items.  They also make wonderful party favors and mint tins. Use them to store important items such as pills and vitamins, small pins, screws and bolts, crafts supplies, candies, mints and more.

Our tins have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded and are seamlessly formed from .24mm metal.  Dimensions are outside measurements.  These tins do not have an internal plastic lining, therefore caustic substances may cause the steel to rust. Our round tins are either black or silver and come in four different sizes:

1 ounce - 1 9/16 x 1

2 ounce - 1 15/16 x 1 3/8

3 ounce -  2 3/4 x 3/4

4 ounce - 2 1/2 x 1 3/4

8 ounce - 3 1/8 x 2