Pill Tins and Lipstick Cases

Pill Tins and Lipstick Cases

Carrying your pills in style!

Two-hearts-by-Candy pill cases are all hand-painted, in exclusive designs and in a vast variety of colors to match your every need.

These cases, are made of natural platinum metal, and have a convenient hinge top and an open push button, which prevents you from having to use any force when opening or closing your case – and as such provide the adequate seal and safety for your contents.

They also come in four different shapes and sizes and have varied dividers providing multiple compartments.

Round  tins - 3 compartments  - 53mm

Round tins - 1 compartment - 53mm

Rectangle tin - 7 compartments - 84mm x 45mm x 12mm

Rectangle tin - 3 compartments  82.55mm x 31.75mm

Square tin - 4 compartments - 60 mm

Rounded Rectangle tin - 2 compartments - 50mm x 36mm

Rounded Rectangle tin - 1 compartment - 50mm x 36mm


Lipstick Cases 3 x 1 x 1 1/8 sturdy steel cases with felted bottom and interior mirror.

These are absolutely perfect for personal storage of pills, supplements, vitamins or any other small item you aim at safekeeping in your purse or pocket. Undeniably an intelligent gift from a thoughtful friend!