Welcome To My Colorful World!

I was just asked recently if I was still stamping jewelry and if you are also wondering -  the answer is yes I am. Am I still making Brucebuds jewelry - Yes!  However, since my discovery of Pebeo paints (From France) I have not only been fascinated by them but have also been completely and utterly obsessed with them and therefore have been spending most of my waking hours painting, thinking about painting,and dreaming about what I can paint on next. Furthermore,that brain of mine also roams about thinking how I could display the items I have painted....Recreating that scene a gazillion times in my brain and then starting all over again from the beginning.  An exhausting process which has not only been exhilarating but very fulfilling as well! 

Over enthusiastic about my new creation of tins, I have slowly and sheepishly been taking adornments off the jewelry creations I had made the previous two years, to embellish my new tins.  Every charm finds its home on a special tin and having a keen eye and a good sense of humor is imperative for this process.  So when a customer buys one of those special tins , I get double pleasure because I know the time and effort that went into finding the right charm that would match it.

I have also taken many people on this crazy journey with me and they have had to endure the endless questions and decision making sessions with me only to realize that we will be having the same conversation on the following week.  For those of you who know me, you know that I am not a formally trained artist.  I am self taught .  What I have come to love about using Pebeo paints is that anyone can make beautiful art with these paints. I have wrangled my neighbor and her adult children, my husband and adult son and my son's friends into spending evenings at our kitchen table (or theirs) with tins (or recycled cigar boxes) and a slew of paint bottles (see picture) in marathon sessions of painting and conversation, laughter and music.

We end up at some point playing "do you see what I see" as the paint starts to take on a life of its own and what started as self doubt soon turns into artistic confidence. So when you are buying a tin from Two Hearts by Candy, you are also buying a tin made from community effort. Although the majority of the tins are made by me.  Interspersed in the inventory are tins that have been created by others who thought they weren't artists but who really turned out to be.

So, come on this journey with me into the world of Pebeo paint and painted tins....Cigar boxes will be next to appear on my new website.  Please let me know what you will be using your tin for.   Right now, I have two tins on my workbench that I use to hold jewelry supplies.  



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